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Here at Peace of Montana we are committed to preserving the beauty and unique landscapes that are Montana.   Stretching out beneath the azure blue skies of the west, Montana conjures images of majestic Bison, endless scarlet sunsets and rugged terrain dotted with the most delicate of prairie flowers.   We all dream of owning a piece of this pristine paradise but for many that is a dream that will remain unfulfilled.   Piece of Montana wants to provide a way for every adventure seeker to be able to say they own a piece of the wild American West that is Montana.  

For $19.99 you are purchasing for yourself or as a gift,  one square foot of Montana wilderness.  This land will be placed into a conservation easement never to be developed.   You will receive a certificate with details of your specific tract of land as well as a map and GPS coordinates of the land that you are helping to keep wild.    This unique piece of land features a rugged terrain of sage and cactus.  Elk meander through the creek bottom occasionally and it has been designated a Grizzly bear area.   Once you are a contributor to the conservation of this land you are welcome to come and visit the parcel, walk the rolling hills and endless skies.  Adjacent to BLM and with access via a county road, explore the adjacent 1000's of acres that Montana's public land has to offer.   This land is known for arrowheads, artifacts and has even had dinosaur bones removed from the area.  Just a couple miles from one of the most prolific Native American pictograph sites in North America, this parcel of land is drenched in history and lore.   The popular Bobcat Pass Recreational Area is just steps away.  Peace of Montana will be procuring more land and offering parcels in diverse locations, terrains and regions of this amazing state.  Give a gift that will never be forgotten.  Give the gift of the Montana dream, the wild west experience and the promise of protecting our American treasures. 

*A total of 29,500 squares must be sold to secure the property in question.   If  clear title is unable to be obtained  for this specific tract of land another equal to or superior piece of land will be obtained based on the revenue of the portions sold.  If enough  squares are not sold to obtain a suitable piece of land, all proceeds shall be returned to the purchasers minus credit card fees, postage and check printing expense.  All certificate holders shall hold an interest in the access of the purchased land.  No purchaser shall have the right to mineral recovery, desecration of the land, camping, burning (except in designated areas), building, residency, address claim, overnight occupancy or removal of resources.   The Peace of Montana funds shall cover taxes on the land for at least 10 years.   Preservers may be asked for a contribution after 10 years to continue payment of the taxes on the land.  Should the owner of the certificate choose not to continue their contribution to their preservation of the land, their square foot shall revert back to  ownership by Peace of Montana.  Future contributions shall not exceed the certificate holder's percentage of taxes due.  Current taxes on the land do not exceed $1 per year per certificate holder. 

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